Guide to Learning Modern Greek

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I’m learning Modern Greek, mostly as a starting point to learn Ancient Greek. I hope these resources are helpful to you, as well.

A — Why should I learn Modern Greek?

Maybe you love the culture.

Or maybe like me, you plan to use it to learn Ancient Greek eventually (see Kevin and James’s Ancient Greek Curriculum).

Either way, I hope these resources are helpful to you, as well.

B — How to start

Months 1-3

Use these resources simultaneously:

Months 3-6

Use these resources simultaneously:

After that…

Start using more comprehensible input, including readers and native content

B.2 — Suggested paths by others

C — Resources

C.1 — Book Courses

C.2 — Online Courses

C.3 — Readers

C.3.1 — Graded Readers

Graded readers are a type of reader, where texts in Greek are presented with increasing levels of difficulty. Used for learning Greek through reading. These are sorted from top to bottom, from highest recommended.

Modern Greek for Classicists by Ilias Kolokouris

The Routledge Modern Greek Reader (Greek Folktales for Learning Modern Greek)

ΠΟΙΟΣ ΕΙΝΑΙ Ο Α.Μ.; (Who is A.M.?)

Adventure in Greece: A Bilingual Story by Athina Veloudou and Hugh Finlayson

Short Stories in Greek for Beginners and Intermediate Learners: A2-B1, Greek-English Parallel by Constantine Eliades

Tiny Stories for Greek Learners by Adonis Demetriou

C.3.2 — Other

C.4 — Speaking Practice

C.5 — Writing Practice

C.6 — Listening Practice


C.7 — Videos

C.8 — Apps


C.9 — Reference Books

C.9.1 — Dictionaries

Triantafyllides Online Dictionary

C.9.2 — Reference Grammars

Greek: An Essential Grammar of the Modern Language by Routledge

Greek: A Comprehensive Grammar of the Modern Language by Routledge

Concise Modern Greek Grammar by M. Triandaphyllidis

C.10 — Other

D — Native Content

D.1 — Children’s Videos

D.2 — Videos

D.3 — Native Audio Content

Onassis Podcasts

Lifo Podcasts

D.4 — Other

Digital school (Ψηφιακό Σχολείο) from the Greek Ministry of Education

E — End Notes

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